5 Things to Know…

08 Jul 5 Things to Know…

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey because I had an incredible desire to create.  I wanted to create something that was mine, from beginning to end, take ownership and direction in a business, and create the life I wanted. When I decided to embark on this journey, I made a promise to myself to see it through, no quitting,  boom or bust.5 Things to Know

In the five years since I’ve been on this path, there have been some very, very dark days that looked like bust was around the corner.  But I had made a commitment. Though I experienced (and will continue to experience) these dark days, they’ve usually been followed by another day soon to be followed by a much brighter day.

These are five things I learned, so far, on my journey and I wanted to share the 5 things to know before starting your business or any life changing endeavor. My hope is this will help during those dark times and assist to keep you motivated till the light shines once more.

1. Take care of yourself first.

Success is unattainable if you are not taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority.  If you are in doubt and in poor health, you will be unable to keep up the driving pace that running a business requires.  You will be unable to provide a service to anyone like parenting or friendship.  So make yourself a priority. It will help provide energy and the ability to keep yourself healthy and balanced while working on your business

2. You don’t have to know everything – but you have to WANT to know everything.

When starting, there is no magic formula that if you have A and B , that guarantees Csuccess.  One thing is for sure, you know enough to start.  What is required is to always be learning. Constant improvement in knowledge and skills are imperative additions to your tool box of success.  Without them, you will not go far.

3. There will be sacrifices.

Any big endeavor requires sacrifices.  When in business, these sacrifices can range from holding off on hiring someone, not paying yourself and most likely, working weekends. Be ready to say goodbye to your favorite activities at times.  These are some of the costs of starting a business. Just make sure your sacrifices will not cause harm to your health and mental well-being, see #1.

4. Be your biggest fan!

Being your biggest fan might be difficult for you. Like anything else, it takes practice.  You have to be enthusiastic, upbeat and positive about what you’re doing, what you’re selling and how you’re relating to others about your product or service.  Daily practice in rooting for your SELF is a necessity. Changing how you talk about yourself (especially in your head) is a must.  You need to CHOOSE YOU first.  If you don’t believe in yourself, and the product or service you are selling, then who will?

5. It will take longer and require much more than you thought.

Put away those business books, and magazines that make getting rich at your startup look easy.  Success is a never ending road with no map, lots of twists, turns, hills and valleys.  If you’re committed to your endeavor, you will be investing blood, sweat, tears and money.  Review #3, there will be sacrifices.

These 5 tips are not meant to scare you away from your endeavor, but to give you a heads up.  I wanted to share with you what has been required of me, so far, and may be required of you.  But if you’re ready to make the commitment, gamble on yourself, and choose the journey of success, the rewards are incredible.

Share with me your 5 need to know tips before embarking on a life changing endeavor. You can write to me at judy@businessbuildeprogram.com.

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