Judy L. Santos would like you to know that it is not too late. As your Business Coach, Judy can assist you to create a more profitable business, and more enjoyable life.  She is determined to help you make more money, have more fun!

”All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha

As a divorced mother of two, Judy started her first entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 50. She founded the San Fernando Valley’s first coworking space, OfficeSlice. As entrepreneurs and business owners were filling her space, she soon learned she was positioned to support, motivate and encourage accountability in them so they could move toward their goals. It soon became clear to her that there was a need for a more formal approach to helping others in their business and personal endeavors, and the Business Builder Program was born.


Whether you need small business consulting, new business consulting, new perspectives on growing revenue and profitability, Judy and the Business Builder Program are here to assist you in achieving your goals.


The 12 week, one on one program assists those that are seeking to create a strong foundation for their dream business, or to revitalize and refocus the business they already have. The Groundworking group is designed to create a roadmap to success in a group setting, and the One Day Intensive a day fully focused on you and your business with extreme follow up and accountability.

Business Builder Program
Judy L Santos with local Business Builders, Entrepreneurs & Startups!

Judy is enjoying her encore as an entrepreneur.  She is relishing the success of those individuals she has helped revitalize and launch their businesses through the the Business Builder Program, and their results are amazing!


Currently she has seen her son off to college on the east coast, and her daughter is in high school, and a budding musician and scientist. Judy enjoys practicing yoga, time with her kids, walking her dog, and learning something new every day!

I highly recommend Judy as a business coach to the entrepreneur who is seriously ready for great success!
- Nancy McFarland, SoCal Photo Solutions

Judy’s Mission Statement


In service to others so that they may realize, recognize or discover their whole potential and thrive.

If you would like more information about OfficeSlice Coworking or if the Business Builder Program can assist you in building a business and life you love, you can contact her via email at judy@businessbuilderprogram.com or call her at 818-446-6125 or at 213-316-8807.