How to Poise your Business for Success in 2016!

01 Jan How to Poise your Business for Success in 2016!

5 things you can do to start the New Year right!

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1.  What’s working and what’s not working?  Make a list, and start doing more of what’s working!

2. Make one change at a time.  We are all suspectible of making lots of New Year’s Resolutions.  But this year, make one and stick to it.

3. Now, turn that change into a habit.  What is the new change?  Take this change, do it everyday for the next thirty days… Congratulations!  You’ve just created a new habit!

4.  Take more breaks!  Take mini breaks between tasks and projects at work.  You will find yourself less overwhelmed and have more energy!

5.  Make a daily or weekly list of successes and accomplishments.  We’re so quick to admonish ourselves for faults and mistakes, but rarely do we give ourselves kudos when we do something well.   At the end of the week or month, review your lists, praise yourself and then give yourself a much needed reward!

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