Business success, trophies and the daily slog

24 Sep Business success, trophies and the daily slog

Trophies are a memento of success.  As we move through our day to day life, we may have taken our eye off of the prize that we are after.

We begin with a plan, sometimes a written plan, or a day-dream plan.  We want to be successful, we want to have a lot of money, we want to have no pain, no problems, no challenges. We want it easy and great, and we want lots of recognition and awards on the way.

This kind of life doesn’t exist, at all.  No one has that kind of life.  Not your role model, the celebrity on the cover of the magazine, and not the rich couple that live up in the hills with the two perfect kids. business builder helps you attain life and business success

The only way we can a life worth living with lots of trophies, is through challenges. Challenges are what yield trophies. But it’s up to you to decide what kind and how many trophies you want on your mantel, how you’re going to go after them, and what you’re willing to do to win them.  For example:

Success Trophy:  We all want to be successful, but we each have a different definition of what success is.  What does success mean to you?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like? How will you know when you are successful?  Is there only one destination to this trophy or many journeys?

Profit / Money Trophy:  You may have decided that once you attain a certain dollar amount in your bank account, you have achieved this trophy.  What is that number?  What did you produce and sell in order to get to this number?  How much of this number is yours to keep?  How much of it is reoccurring?  Who is sharing this trophy with you?

Best Parent Trophy:  You’re stretched between running your business and having the kind of family life you’ve always dreamed of… What do you need to say no to right now?  What do you need to say yes to? What is holding you back from achieving this trophy?  Is the way you have structured your life keeping you from achieving this trophy? What small change can you make today to get you closer to achieving this trophy?

Take time out this week to think about the trophies you want on your mantel.  Pursue them consciously, with energy and intention. Make the decision to actively pursue them in a healthy manner. What you make of your life, in business and at home, is up to you.  No one can do it for you.


The Business Builder Program is designed to help you decide which trophies you want and assist you in achieving them.  Give us a call at 213-316-8807 to schedule your complimentary strategy session.  We’d like to help you identify and achieve as many trophies for your mantel as possible!


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