Frequently asked questions about The Business Builder Program


  1. What is the Business Builder Program?

The Business Builder Program is a full service business coaching and consulting company.  We work with solopreneurs, small businesses, and those in the ideation phase to create a strong foundation for their business.  Together we create and set goals to increase business revenue, next steps and customer retention.

If you have a vision of what you would like your business to be, and what you like to accomplish in the next three, six, or nine months, the Business  Builder Program is an essential partner to help develop a strategy, and create a personalized step by step roadmap to achieve your business goal(s).  The Business Builder Program works on many fronts, and you will find that your home life and personal life will greatly improve as you work more efficiently, effectively and with greater success.

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  1. Why work with the Business Builder Program?

The Business Builder Program works with individuals and small businesses that are ready, committed and serious about taking their business to the next level. Working together, we set goals to enhance and create increased revenue, attract and keep more customers as well as create strategies surrounding marketing, promotions and web presence.


  1. How can I benefit from working with the Business Builder Program?

During this past year, we’ve assisted clients to:

  • Create and launch their startup
  • Increase established business’ bottom line up to 25%
  • Create strategies for online presence and marketing
  • Increase productivity
  • Scale
  • Create strategies for better living off the clock
  • And much, much more


  1. What services does the Business Builder Program offer?

Our coaching sides focuses on assisting business owners to set goals, create outcomes and manage the change that comes with creating new habits to success.  We also assist clients with making the right connection to other business owners that can assist in the needed solution in order to get business growth to the next level.

Our consulting sides assists business owners in diagnosing issues in the business, and strategize around change, solutions and new ideas that can enhance the business, increase growth, revenue and ultimately, profitability.


  1. What are some of the reasons others have chosen the Business Builder Program?

Most of our clients are seeking to scale their business, taking it from a sole employee, to adding employees, or increasing a product line, growing their market reach, or seeking the confidence to keep the business going and growing.

Others are so immersed in their business, they have been unable to create new perspectives on how to grow their business, so are seeking new, effective avenues.

We also work with clients that have an idea, but are unsure of what their next step should be. Other clients know they work better by having accountability.

Many of our clients find that their work and life are out of balance.  We assist them in creating new schedules and habits to bring balance back to their lives.  Others are seeking to delegate tasks away, but are lacking the confidence to see themselves as the CEO of their company.

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  1. How long does a company work with the Business Builder Program?

We seek to work with a business, no matter if they are startups or established, for at least a 90 day period, meeting weekly.  In order to create new habits, structure, job descriptions and ways of doing business, 90 days is the minimum.

Thereafter the business owner can retain us for a biweekly, or monthly consult to make sure that the created strategies and roadmap are being acted upon effectively.


  1. Is the Business Builder Program restricted to Southern California?

The Business Builder Program can work with anyone in the continental U.S.

Our one –day intensive is currently restricted to Southern California.



  1. What does it cost to work with the Business Builder Program?

Our 12 week Business Builder Program with workbook and weekly sessions to build a stronger foundation for explosive business growth is $1477.

Our personalized weekly sessions begin at $477 per month, and our monthly sessions start at $177 per month.


  1. What are your hours?

Our workday is 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (PCT) Monday thru Friday.  Individual appointments are set depending on the availability of the client and the Business Builder Program.  Saturdays are occasionally available. You can discuss availability by calling 213-316-8807 or email judy@businessbuilderprogram.com. We will return calls and emails within one business day.


  1. Do you ever stop working with or fire clients?

Yes, there have been situations where it was better to cancel the relationship then to continue.  Commitment to succeed is a main pillar in the relationship.  If I feel a client is not fulfilling their end of the bargain, I will discuss the situation and allow time to return to the table fully committed.  However, if the following situations occur, it warrants a cancellation:

  • Late arrival or cancelling last minute more than once
  • Missing sessions without prior notification
  • Not arriving prepared
  • Not taking responsibility for decisions or situations
  • Not taking action on discussed tasks or homework
  • Not paying on time
  • Illegal activities
  • Needing actual medical assistance, and not coaching or consulting.


Judy Santos is the Founder & Creator of The Business Builder program which helps business owners, and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses. Her mission is to assist men and women to holistically create a business and life that is full and rewarding that reflects their values and purpose.