Start- Manage-Get Customers and Be Happy!

14 Jan Start- Manage-Get Customers and Be Happy!

I love this line… it was sent to me recently by a potential coaching client. This totally sums up what we’re all after as business people.

Start – What do you need to do to actually get started?  Start with a simple business plan. Schedule an appointment with yourself every day, and sit down and sketch out your business idea. What are you selling?  Who are you selling it to?  How are you going to run it? Use the various templates that are available on line, and just start!  Don’t over think it.

Business Builder Program Stop wishing start doingManage – Realize what your management style is. Are you hands on? A delegator? A policy and procedures person? Do you need to create a manual?  Are you an off the cuff kind of manager? Are you managing yourself, or an employee or two?  Visualize your management style, discover what style sits well with you,  put it down on paper or in your business plan.

Get customers – where are the customers hiding?  Start with your family and friends; let them know what you’re doing. Write a post for social media, blog online, and have your first tier of family and friends share with their audience. Create a simple marketing plan. What are you selling and who are you selling to?  What do they look like and where do they like to hang out, online or in stores?  Customers are waiting to hear from you, so make sure you have a message they want to hear, and hear often.

Be Happy – Being happy is actually a choice. You can make a decision every day, every minute to be content about the present.  Things don’t always unfold the way we want them to.  Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project wrote her 4th simple truth as “ You’re not happy unless you think you’re happy.”  So think happy, choose happiness and remember, no one can make you happy, only you can.  As Carlos Castaneda said, “ We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.”

So here’s to you – Start, manage, get customers and choose to be happy!  Thank you Yannick for the inspiration to write this!

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