Love your work – Enjoy yourself more!

15 Feb Love your work – Enjoy yourself more!

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is the prevalent theme thrown at us since New Year’s Day.  It takes over all the marketing, you can’t get away from hearts, flowers, expensive gifts and chocolates for your loved ones.

But it occurred to me as I was shopping at the local Target, that this month of love, had to include love for yourself, and love for your business as well as love for others.

love your work

Going to work everyday, is well – work.   Even the essence of the words used in the definition brings to mind sweat, stress, and exhaustion.

Work:  exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. Something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking


Sounds hard, doesn’t it?  Personally, there are days when I would enjoy having a wand like Harry Potter’s and create a charm that would be able to make the toil, labor and exhaustion disappear and turn it all into fun.

There are ways to create that charm, without the use of the wand.

The definition of joy can help.

Joy: a source or cause of great happiness; something or someone that gives joy to someone; success in doing, finding, or getting something

Joy and love are very similar.  When you love someone,  they are the source of great happiness to you.  When you create your work with a sense of joy behind it, you are creating a source of happiness for yourself, your customer and your company – you are creating an act of love.

We all want to make our work more joyful, and move the acts of our work into acts of love.  Whether you’re self-employed, or working for someone else, love and joy rarely come into the conversation.  Most times we are doing our best to just manage and get through the day the best we can.

What are some ways where we can approach our work with joy and love and fully enjoy our days?

Change your perspective.  If you approach your work as toil, and exertion, then you will struggle through the whole day.  But if you approach your work from a sense of joy, of creating something worthwhile and fantastic, you will find that your day will flow and the struggle will subside.

Approach the work from your heart and not your head.  Easier said than done, but approaching your work with intention will help.  As you create this daily intention, you will find the tasks that bring you joy.  Can you do more of it? What is the pay off?  Can you approach those tasks that you prefer to push to the side with more joy? You will find more success, less struggle and more joy every day, with an intention to the work placed from your heart, and not your head.  Set your intention in the morning, before leaving for work.

Move from Doing the Work to Loving the Work. You started your business, or accepted the position in the company because you have an affinity, passion or love for what you do.  As the days roll by, we forget about the love and joy of what we are creating for ourselves and for others, and toil and exhaustion move in.  Can you return to the feeling of excitement and purpose you felt when you first began the work?

Take time out!  We are all moving so fast these days thanks to the internet and cell phones.  We are always available, to everyone, anytime.  But this does not make for productive days, or restful periods.  Even when we’re on vacation or on our days off, we check in with our phones constantly in case someone needs something from us.  Thus turning everyday into toil and exhaustion.

Take time out every day for self-care. This can be done by scheduling time for thinking and strategizing your company’s next move, or your next move.  Self-care can include time out from answering phones and emails for 20 minutes a day, and just being, exercising, or meditating.  Take time out to build relationships.  In this non-stop world, we are in touch with so many  people, coworkers, managers, contacts, but creating time to actually build relationships is crucial.  During this relationship building time, you will find more joy and love into discovering what you’re doing, why and for whom.


This month, approach your work and yourself with more joy and love.

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