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  1. Let Business Builder help you launch and grow your business!How can I determine if the Business Builder Program is the right program for me?

You turned to coaching for a reason.  What is it that you and your company are seeking to accomplish? If you have the desired outcome to increase producitivity revenue and create more balance at home, the Business Builder Program may be the right program.

Entering into an agreement with the Business Builder Program you must be open to and prepared to share your big hairy audacious goal, be ready to effect change, work in a new more,  efficient manner and gain more time to relax, share time with family and friends, or pursue a new hobby.

Ask yourself if you are ready to devote time and energy to effect change, and reap the results.

We offer a complimentary strategy session so you can experience first-hand if working with the Business Builder Program is right for you.  Schedule your free strategy session here.


  1. What kinds of topics can be discussed? Is it only business?

Though creating a strong business is our main objective, we know that what happens at home also effects the business owner and any desires for change and success can be hampered. Here are some topics and subjects we have discussed with previous clients:

  • How to know which business is the right one for me to start
  • Am I in the right business
  • How to increase my bottom line
  • Brainstorming on new revenue streams
  • Keeping customers, attracting new customers
  • Marketing actions that work and are easy to implement
  • Web presence and online overwhelm
  • Creating a new balance between work and home life
  • Issues and challenges creating blocks from success at home and at work


  1. What are some typical reasons someone might work with a business coach?

 As a small business owner or startup, working with a business coach may include the following reasons:

  • An urgent or compelling goal or desire
  • Lack of clear goals to move company forward
  • A gap between what needs to get done, and how to accomplish it
  • Self-confidence issues while the business is in a growth phase
  • A desire to accelerate and increase results
  • Creating a strategy to effect change
  • Work and home life are out of balance, causing issues
  • Identifying core strengths in business owner and company, and leveraging for best results
  • Failure and all its consequences


  1. What does working with a business coach ask of me?

We are all seeking to be successful, have more money and more time to enjoy our daily lives.  In order to be successful in working with a business coach, clients should be ready to:

  • Commit to effect change, and follow the agreed upon strategies.
  • Focus on the self, what are the tough questions being avoided? What are the difficult truths being ignored?
  • Challenge habits that have caused lackluster results, and commit to creating new habits for better results.
  • Ready to increase self-confidence, knowledge and can-do attitude.
  • Create strategies to overcome disappointment and failure, and seek out silver lining and new opportunities.


5.  Do clients know what kind of business they want to start before they come to you?

Our clients fall into the following categories:

Established business owners:  We have worked with clients who have had an established business and were seeking alternative ways to grow it, expand their offerings and explore new products.

Startups and Entrepreneurs: We have worked with clients to build a stronger foundation for their startups, and focus on areas that would increase revenues and move towards success.

Great ideas:  We have worked with clients who have just an idea or two and needed assistance in fleshing out the viability of having a business, and creating a plan to start and launch.

Exit strategy:  We have worked with clients who want to make sure they are ready to exit, and to find out best strategies for the most lucrative next steps.



Judy Santos is the Founder & Creator of The Business Builder program which helps business owners, and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses. Her mission is to assist men and women to holistically create a business and life that is full and rewarding that reflects their values and purpose.